Lone Mørkøre

  • Born March 1966, Denmark
  • Trained in Retail
  • Academy education “Art and business”
  • Self taught in drawing and painting
  • Taught by Kerstin Lambhaugn in Torshavn Faroe Islands from 2001-2003
  • National and international exhibitions
  • Caunseling in colour and decor

As far back as i rememeber i have always been fascinated by art, shapes and colours – colours that can be mixed endlesly is still a challenge for me but also a reason to be amazed and source of motivation.

Throughout my training in Retail (Paint-store) and my years at the Academy “Art and Business” I have found great joy in decorating with different colours and art. Colours that shows, awakens and recalls feelings and memories.

My years at the Faroe Islands

The wild nature, the air, the sea and the amazing light and huge contrast in the nature are always to be found in my paintings.

I am inspired by the ever changing weather, the mountains covered in grass with small houses here and there, simple and primitive yet robust and strong just as the life itself at these islands.

The colourful boats at the beach or small nature habours, often on their way out with their hearts full of hopes and just as often on their way home with their boats filled with fresh fish.

Memories caught and withhold in unique paintings